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Easy Way to Fast Legs in Cycling

Not a sprinter? Doesn't matter!

Hello fellow cyclists!

Many cycling races are won or lost in sprints. So your ability to speed up fast and sprint is always asked in the world of cycling. May it be in a bunch sprint or even on hilly stages out of a small breakaway group. Being the strongest sprinter of such a group is a huge advantage as you can always rely on your ability to accelerate explosively and putting the other riders into the wind.
Even if you are not a sprinting specialist but instead more a thin climber who's comfort zone lies in the mountains it's essential for you as a winning rider to train on your ability to sprint.
To some degree it's genetics, but there are some helpful an highly effective strategies I use to build up explosiveness producing power that makes my bike bend an cry for mercy.
So what should you do?
Always accelerate hard! Something very easy you can use every ride be it only commuting to work or in your normal sessions. Every time you stop …