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A Monster on the Bike #1

Hello fellows!

In this post I'm going to talk about the importance of weight training for your cycling performance. This will be the first out of three articles in which I'll show you how to become a killer machine on your roadbike.
This week I'll take you through the benefits of strength training in general and list some of the main facts that should bring you to the gym quickly.
So let's start! Visiting a gym is not only one of the most underestimated aspects of cycling but also one most riders neglect, especially those for whom power is a huge weakpoint. As experience teaches, concerning this type of riders, strength building workouts increase performance on the bike more than any other form of training. A huge amount of them will be surprised how strong they cycle in spring after hitting the weights hard in winter.
Benefits: Sprint faster. You'll destroy your opponents when it comes down to the final sprint, when only raw power output counts.Climb like a mountain…

Welcome to my Cycling Blog

Hi every one!

My name is Glenn and I'm a 21 year old competative cyclist from Austria. The biggest goal for me is to compete at my best and to become a professional cyclist. At the moment I'm racing as an amateur for Team RC ARBÖ Wels Gourmetfein trying to achive some good results for my palmarès to get a place in an elite-team.
In my blog I want to keep you guys up to date concerning my journey, but I will also try to post some interesting facts, training and fitness tipps all around the world of cycling.

Keep riding,